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KAITTM Solutions

We provide the best educational experience to every student through efficient individualized and AI-enhanced learning insights

In-person | Online | Hybrid

Flexible for any setting


For classroom use

KAIT@SCHOOL is an offline learning solution that captures each stroke of a student’s handwriting on paper via a digital KAITpenTM. KAIT@SCHOOL collects and analyzes student work to provide educators with AI-enhanced learning insights. These insights allow for individualized content suggestions for each student – reducing complexity and improving learning efficiency.


For online learning environments

The KAIT@HOME solution is a cross-platform hybrid learning environment that enhances student engagement using a Bluetooth-connected KAITpenTM. Our system allows students the benefit of writing in a familiar pen-to-paper format while also recording student work digitally to be shown, shared, and reviewed in real-time.


For SAT, ACT, and GRE preparation

KAIT TEST PREP prepares individuals to take standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, or GRE by leading them through a series of research-backed training cycles. These training cycles utilize the previous five years of actual SAT questions and are used to build highly effective formats. Our individualized intensive training schedule is the most efficient and flexible way to reach a target score.

KAIT offers solutions

for hybrid learning

Schools and teachers alike want more technology solutions – to extend beyond instruction towards better student learning experience, a better teaching experience and ease of use for teachers and setting the stage for purposeful teacher-student feedback interventions.

We introduce Knowledge AI Technology Solutions, Inc (aka KAIT), an AI- based individualized learning platform, as a promising solution to mitigate these negative effects and successfully adapt to a hybrid learning environment. With its three solutions, KAIT@SCHOOL, KAIT@HOME and KAIT TEST PREP, KAIT is the only education software able to offer a complete hybrid learning capable solution.

About our Hybrid learning


for better education

Our products deliver exceptional educational experiences to students and teachers alike in flexible learning settings. Thanks to our advanced AI-driven analytics we provide unmatched insights and an array of features to support student growth.

Capture Data

Capture digital data using a smartpen

Play Pencasts

Pencasts that allow teachers to see student writing, drawing, and solving


Explore our comprehensive diagnostics


Automated attendance, grading, and digital record-keeping

AI Powered

AI-generated intervention suggestions and practice problems


Student cognitive and behavioral metrics (CBM)

Cross Platform

Cross platform Compatibility: online, mobile, tablet

Online and offline

Ability to have students work offline and capture their handwriting for digital analysis

Ease of use

Easy to use platform for teachers, with a dashboard that tracks performance and progress

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